Always wanted my own business

I have always been interested in craft work and always making something, I was taught various crafts when I child, my grandmother taught me to sew, and do needlework, her sister taught me to knit, crochet, tatting, bobbin lace, and making rugs out of rags. and my uncle taught me to draw and paint.

I have now retired from work, after working full-time, and bringing up a family, I now find time to pursue my craft work.
I started making cards, because I could not find a card I wanted for a particular occasion so I ended up making it instead, and I also found that the shop cards were nothing special and some were quite expensive, and not individual. there was more behind the one you just picked up.

So as everyone is individual so the cards should be personal as well.

All my cards are made to high standard and are individual no two are the same.

I do except custom orders I must know your exact requirements at the time of ordering and payment must be made at the time of ordering.

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